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I'm a person with girlybits. Bonga live sex. But once hot oil comes into the equation, clothes are mandatory.

She also ate baked-bean sandwiches, but that's a Lovecraftian horror for another thread. Cooking naked hot. Please enter your name. I wonder whether the water would've cooled off faster without clothing being present—but that's probably just academic. I also live in an un-air-conditioned New York City apartment, and am generally open to nakednessbut in the kitchen?

We turn to the wisdom of Ask Metafilter to determine the answer. I don't have a fear of it but it strikes me as something that might not be the best idea. Which it is, but I always forget. Why in the name of all that's sane and sensible would anyone, male or female, think cooking naked was a good idea? Even if we're not talking about heat, the notion of getting bits of diced onion or garlic on myself is gross.

I'm putting clothes on. Mature lesbians on a boat. I like being naked, but when I'm in "doing stuff around the house" mode I like to have boxers on so that the boy bits have a little support. Is that on point? Same goes for washing dishes: Tomato sauce has some kind of vendetta against me, let me tell you. Naked girlfriend cooking 5 min Cooking naked and eating pussy 22 min Porncucumber - No one wants to get burned anywhere on their body. Seriously, I'll throw something on to go rooting around the cupboards for crackers to eat in bed.

I have cooked naked before, on multiple occasions. Very hot beautiful blonde girl sexy sweaty ugg boots. Please send any copyright reports to: That solution was short-lived. And let's just say this is a fear I have learned. Stardust, even in the case of bacon. In an aside in one of the story introductions, he says an infallible method for cooking perfect bacon every time is "Cook it in the nude.

I've seen splattering oil take one too many high arcs to agree with you there, OnTheLastCastle. We're both veg so no bacon for us. In a pinch, they can double as towels, aprons, jar-opening helpy things, potholders if they're thick enough, and on and on.

So naturally I decided that the best solution would be to take off my shirt.

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Nothing unhealthy about bacon, in my book. Katy perrys camel toe. This man doesn't, and also wonders why it would be any different for man or woman. Cooking naked hot. This led to in turn to a conversation about whether this was a fear shared by many men or unique to this individual. It's not a problem to simply wrap your penis around a leg, which shields it from harm, I'm sure other guys do this.

I am male and cook naked. I am definitely more cautious; not necessarily just for the genital reasons, but as much for the potential for a hot pan to burn you on touch. I think maybe it's just a matter of feeling comfortable naked? I don't have a fear of it but it strikes me as something that might not be the best idea.

Chicken stir-fry with hot peanut oil?

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Dane Jones Site Ranking 13 th. Why get dressed just to cook. I deep-fry things naked all the time, but I sweat like a sonofabitch, so my sheen of perspiration protects me from little spatters of grease, in the same way that firewalkers are protected on the bottom of their feet.

I definitely fear cooking in socks—I'd rather go barefoot or wear flip-flops than wear socks on a slippery kitchen floor. Milf bored at work. Do other people not have this stuff? Clothing or lack thereof has never stopped Mr. Hot babe loves cooking naked in uggs. That solution was short-lived. Naked girlfriend cooking 5 min I have never seen my partner cook naked and he's rarely nude outside the bathroom and bedroom, although he's a lot more blase about it than me I shut doors, regardless of who is home, and he doesn't shut doors, regardless of who is home.

I don't eat naked. But it can turn out to be a recipe for pain or just plain embarrassment, and suddenly all the romance in the air will just shrivel up like a pair of vienna sausages in a hot frying pan, faster than you squeak out "I love you? I have in fact cooked naked over an open wood fire though I guess that's actually BBQing or grilling.

A couple weeks ago I was sitting on the couch and I accidentally closed the laptop on my nipple. Minor pricks heh from hot oil splatter are annoying but not really injurious, and I get far more oil on my bare forearms than anywhere else.

Recognize a pornstar in this video? And I am penis-free. On the other hand, I'm quite happy to make a sandwich or toss a salad naked. My male partner would cook naked more if I didn't make him wear undies at least. I'll make a sandwich naked.

Even if I'm going to take it right off to eat said sandwich. Milf amateur big ass. I thought he swore off unhealthy food. Is that on point?

In any case, cooking is one of those utilitarian things like car maintenance and house painting that it does not occur to me are the sort of things one would do naked. We appreciate your assistance and will use this information to improve our service to you. Boiling Noodles "Pasta can be dangerous when you drain the noodles," says Williams.

The two make a bad combination for me. Honestly if you've been burned by hot grease I can't imagine you asking this question. I'm a lady and am vaguely horrified by the notion of even being in the kitchen naked.

Plus, clothes are a great kitchen tool. Awful lot of very tall, well hung men in this thread.

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Bubble butt milf pics Login or sign up to add videos to your collections. Also, I'm starting to think it's a good idea to put clothes on in most non-sexual or bathing situations. Ifyouseekamy 31 sec Accounttoupload - 8.
Images of nude couples having sex I hadn't ever considered the idea, but winced when I read your question.
Tits & bums Is it super convenient? I don't eat naked.
Big busty mature tubes Homemade video of a hot black ebony babe in kitchen cooking naked in panties. I don't think it's limited to genitals.
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